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All 3 involved schools in the project "Serving humanity from old times" have voted for the best logo of the project. They have chosen this logo for the project together :)

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Questions about the history of the knights

How did Saint Julian the Hospitaller die?

St. Julian died in the year 313 of natural causes.  

Saint Julian Hospitaller died in A.D. 313 by the natural death.

How were Knights paid in the Middle Ages?

Knights were nobles and they were given power, riches and land by the king .

 Knights were not given the month salary they were given the the king.

What are the clothes of the order of knights St. John?

All members of the order are required to wear specific robes for formal occasions of the society, including a mantle, sopra vest, and hat.
-. The mantles of the Sovereign Head and Grand Prior are all of black silk velvet and lined with white silk. 

All members of the order are also required to wear specific robes for formal occasions of the society, including a mantle, sopra vest, and hat. The mantles of the Sovereign Head and Grand Prior are all of black silk velvet and lined with white silk, the former's differentiated by an additional train. Bailiffs and Dames Grand Cross and, before 1926, Knights of Justice formerly wore black silk robes with a lining of the same material and colour; these members now wear the same mantle as Commanders, Officers, and Esquires, which are made of black merino wool faced with black silk. The only other unique mantles are those of the Medical Officer of the St. John Ophthalmic Hospital, which bears a special pattern, and of Chaplains, which is a black silk robe with full sleeves. Each cloak also bears on its left side a rendition of the order's star in white silk: the Sovereign Head, Grand Prior, and those in the first two grades of the order all have a 300 millimetres (12 in) diameter emblem; the Sovereign's and Grand Prior's are of white silk with gold adornments, the former's also surmounted by a St. Edward's Crown, while those for Bailiffs and Dames Grand Cross, Knights and Dames of Justice, and Knights and Dames of Grace are rendered in white linen, the first two groups having embellishments in gold silk, the latter in white silk. Similarly, the star for Commanders and Officers is of white linen with white silk ornamentation, though they are only 228.6 millimetres (9.00 in) and 152.4 millimetres (6.00 in) in diameter, respectively. The secretaries of the order, the Priors, and the Commanders also wear the badge superimposed upon two goose quill pens embroidered saltire-wise in white silk. 

What did Hospitallers believe in?
-They care for pilgrims and to provide military protection
-The hospitalers had a group dedicated to the hospice-providing a medical service- and another who were the military arm emoticon 

 They believed in much the same things that normal priests did.

What do you think the St. John knights or Malta `s knights?

The St. John knights and the Malta's knights are the same. They were named " The Malta knights" because they used to live in Malta.They lived also in Jerusalem, Cyprus, and Rhodos.

I think that our generation can learn a lot from the St John knights or Malta ´s knights. We can learn how effectively use not only financial but also human resources, to make the help the most efficent. This order helps in more than 120 countries of the world, this order is fair and helps people wthout the differences of what kind of religion they are. There are a lot of volunteers who help them, we should learn a lot from them emoticon  

What were Hospitallers?

The hospitallers were religious military organisation formed to protect pilgrimes to the Holly Land in the 11th and 12th centuries.

The Knights Hospitaller, also known as the Hospitallers, Order of Hospitallers, Knights of St John, Order of St John, and currently The Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, called of Rhodes, called of Malta, were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders during the Middle Ages. 

Which is the emblem used by the knights?

The emblem of the knights in the eight pointed cross.     

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